Artist Bio

Hi, I’m Heather and I make jewelry! It all started when I was in undergrad at Umass Dartmouth back in the good old days. My roommate Liz came home with this beautiful metal oak leaf lamp that she had made in class. It was like a pile of fall leaves with brilliant orange light shining up from underneath it. I was enamored and knew I needed to learn this technique and form metal with my hands. I took my first metals class and fell madly in love and we’ve been together ever since!


I graduated and immediately started teaching. I was teaching woodworking classes, metals 1 courses, and found out that I like teaching as much as I like making. So I decided to do both! Today, I teach beginner to advanced metals classes out of my studio in Easthampton, MA and have a wonderful group of private students who are making killer work. 

I myself have been working on all kinds of custom projects and that is truly what drives me. I love the diversity of the projects that my clients bring to me and it challenges my skill level and makes me a better metalsmith. My clients are unique, fun, down to earth, and really great people and I’m on this planet to serve them. Some of my projects I’ve been creating are Moscow mule cups for a local brewery, custom money clips, and I recently made a large sterling buffalo necklace for one of my favorite clients who wanted to honor her father and use his ashes in the project. I’m also really enjoying this new direction I’ve taken with wedding jewelry and I’m especially interested in people’s stories of how they met, why they want the custom work, and how I can make that happen for them! A few I’ve created thus far for couples include a pair of 14k white gold bands carved to look like birch bark. I made a gentleman’s square hammered band and a ladies white gold band that was scalloped to match an existing engagement ring. They fit perfectly together!

I’ve got some other fun and bizarre hobbies that I do when I’m not in the studio. I am a proud member of WeMawl a ladies arm wrestling league we started this year in Western Mass. We pick a charity ahead of time and at our events the audience “bets on us” and all the money raised goes to a great cause. My character is Uncle Slam and my entourage are the Liberty Belles. My nemesis is the Red Hammer from Russia. We have a great time and it makes everyone feel really good.

I’ve been a beekeeper for about 10 years and you can see elements of their influence scattered throughout my work. It brings me great joy to keep them and feel so connected to nature and how precious they are.

I also practice spinning poi and I’ve been known to fire dance at parties. I’ve got cat-like reflexes and can catch anything that’s about to fall of my bench. Speaking of cats, have you met mine, she’s awesome! Her official name is Evelyn but we all call her Baby Kitty. I make up ridiculous songs about her and she’s a rockstar in my book. That’s me in a nutshell, I hope you have all learned something.